Sweet Resignation (Just another original impromptu poetry by RJ Marmol)

Good morning! ☀️😍
Here’s another impromptu poetry for you. Wrote this just as I woke up, about a few minutes ago. ❤️
Have a happy Sunday! .
Sweet Resignation
(Just another original impromptu poetry by RJ Marmol) .
Here is a crime undone, one of omission
Finally coming close to a definite conclusion
From under a tide of deafening adulation
Rising out of this putrid waters of isolation
Scribbled lines beneath the tiles
Uncovered secrets of golden lies
Pursued the path to life’s desires
Indulged, debauched and fed all wiles
Instant regret, belated mourning
Come take this life once so assuring
Sworn oaths that were once becoming
Were snatched away, never returning
Scratched, faded paint from a time long gone
A peeled off past, a memory, a song unsung
Letters and words that go on and on and on
Undisturbed at last as the buried and wronged
Marvel at this stain behind the door
Scribbles and dents all across the floor
Seen many times over but not before
Tomorrow comes and behold, it goes
Warped and morose but a better prose
To the brave, errant soul who picks the rose
In a gated and locked field marked with no’s
It’s not for one to close the gate
It’s not one’s kind to harbor hate
But the only love that one can spend
Is for the world and for a friend
I’ve spent all my days
And borrowed tomorrows
Played earnest music
And waited in the gallows
Because who you are and who I am
Now mean nothing but a heavy sigh
Where one can walk, someone crawled
Where one can move, someone stalled
A speck of dust from what’s divine
A lick of spark that’s out of rhyme
A smudge of ink so rare, extinct
On timeline’s past, a sheep so meek
Therefore prepare, thine hearts be warned
Fortune favors the bold, the hurt, the damned
For none that existed, conceived or imagined
Arose from the weak, the easily disheartened



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