“The reason one writes isn’t the fact that he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


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What’s this blog about?

RJMarmol.com: THEN and NOW


Back in July of 2005, when blogging was not as mainstream as it has become now, I had a chance at blogging. This came through Friendster’s blog feature then hosted by TypePad.

I’ve always loved writing but I never thought of actually publishing it online for all the world to read. This not because of privacy, mind you, but more about self-doubt that what I write could be any useful to someone else.

But when I signed up for Friendster, I must have inadvertently clicked on something that created a serendipitous error which told me that I couldn’t create a photo album unless I create a “blog” first so I thought, sure a few sentences wouldn’t hurt, right?

So I wrote one post of 2 sentences and went on to finish creating a photo album.

And so began my affair with blogging which will then stop for 2 years, until a new blog came along, At A Loss For Words — Writings of a Blogger Wannabe, which I made in Blogger last December of 2007. I enjoyed my stay at Blogger but when I found its functionalities a little restrictive for my taste, I decided to migrate to a self-hosted blog powered by WordPress, thus A Day In The Life Of RJ was born.

I’ve made several blogs after that, including One Political Filipino, Romancing the Eee PC, Songs with Sense, RJ’s Movie Reviews and many others which I have not updated for ages.


Formerly known online as A Day In The Life Of RJ, this blog’s inspired by the song “A Day In The Life” of my all-time favorite band — ladies and gentlemen — “The Beatles!”

This blog’s initial mission is to take you on a daily journey of my uneventful life. However, as it turns out, I realized that there is not much to write about it.

It eventually evolved into a political blog discussing current events and commentaries spurned during the time of the hotly-debated BJE-MOA issue.

After the loss of my candidate of choice in the 2010 presidential elections, I somehow lost the enthusiasm for Philippine politics and only wrote occasional posts on politics.


This blog redux — so to speak now evolves around one other thing I love talking about, which is technology and by preference the iPhone and all the wondrous apps written for it.

I have since started blogging regularly again with renewed enthusiasm for my first love.

Now, I mostly write about news and updates in social media, app reviews and other product reviews of things I can get my hands on. It may not be as intriguing as politics but I think this is where I can contribute more to society by giving advices to consumers rather than pontificating and bashing politicians that will never change anyway.


I’m pretty much all over the web so if you’re up for a sensible conversationand you’re on Twitter too, follow me @rjmarmol and we could start from there. :)

On Credits and Attributions:

All articles you will read here are originally written by RJ Marmol unless otherwise specified explicitly. I try my best to link to respective sources whenever possible. If you find a “quote”, photo or any related material here that you think belongs to you, please feel free to call my attention by sending me an email: rjmarmol [at] gmail [dot] com. It will be taken down immediately upon your request.

It is perfectly okay to quote lines and paragraphs from this blog, as long as proper attribution is done by linking back to the original post here. There is no need to ask for my permission. The same goes for photos that belong to me. I support free flow and exchange of information but never at the expense of disrespect. Linking back to sources is common courtesy. Let’s foster a community of respect.

On the veracity and accuracy of articles:

This is an online commentary. What you will read here are PURELY opinions and sentiments of this blogger. There will always be references to news articles, news sources, statistics and other figures, personalities, products, trademarks and the like to which I claim no affiliation with, unless otherwise specified in the specific article.

For veracity and accuracy of data, it is always best to check with the correct news source, company or personality. I claim no responsibility for any untoward or unfavorable incident that may arise, directly or indirectly from reading opinions written in this blog.

Also, I reserve the right to change my mind anytime, and that right extends to all posts I’ve written regardless of the time frame. Besides, I am a woman. That is my birthright. :)

The Blogger: Who is RJ Marmol? 

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