Requiem for the In Love (Just another original Valentine’s poem by RJ Marmol)

Good morning! Here’s your #ValentinesDay #poem ❤️ Hot and fresh from my phone #notes


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Requiem for the In Love

Just another original poem by RJ Marmol

For the one whose thoughts always meander

Who dream of princesses trapped in a castle

Who slay dragons on the daily

For the love of their life, their one and only

Who take long walks that lead to nowhere

Hand in hand with someone who know better

Who’d rather soak in the rain with a special companion

And live in a locked dungeon with a hungry lion

Those who consume barely half of what they deserve

All in favor of the fortunate they serve the hors d’oeuvres

What a pity, what a tool

Those who forget that love is cruel

A picture, a delusion

Just another’s fool

Confess now, pray tell, don’t tarry!

Ready the casket and empty the gallery

Rehearse the somber lines and

Remind everyone not to marry

For as sure as the sun shines on the enlightened and the damned

One day someone will rest content on this beloved, hallowed ground.


Let me know what you think… :)

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