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R.I.P King Arthur, Pet Extraordinaire and Best Friend (June 14, 2016 – June 24, 2017)

King Arthur (An ode to a loving bird)

original poem tribute by: RJ Marmol

I didn’t ask for you
But you came anyway

I didn’t ask of you
But you gave anyway

You made my mornings brighter
My evenings lighter

You melted my heart and soul
With your loveliest feather

I knew you loved me
But God knows I loved you more

But that didn’t matter
Because we never kept score

If you were ever in pain
I will have never known

For all your hurts and troubles
You never did show ’em

I had dreams for you
There were grand and blue

I had plans for you
They were long and true

But just when I’m certain
Alas! I’m mistaken

Off you were taken

so soon and so sudden

Because this world never deserved you
You belong there in heaven…

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Forget Not Talking. We Don’t Read Anymore (Like We Used To Do)

tldrIt’s very disheartening to see very few people actually reading these days. People’s attention spans are so short they couldn’t even read through a 5-minute article anymore. It’s like you automatically have to write tl;dr:’s if you intend to churn out a paragraph of decent length.

I mean sure, we all know how a picture is “worth a thousand words” ergo a video is probably worth a bajillion words, but I’m pretty sure people who don’t read not for lack of time or energy but simply for lack of motivation and a sense of value in how they consume written word is most likely missing out on the joys of literature.

And I don’t even mean classic literature. Even daily prose can be filled with awe-inspiring content that may well feed one’s mind, heart and soul.

But I guess there’s no going back. Nostalgia is a sad beeyotch.

Oh and before I forget: tl;dr: Just a random rant about how lazy (read: non) readers people have become.

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Super Delayed Announcement: This blog has moved to

Dear All,

I know this is a very late announcement and a rather obvious one at that, but I’m making it anyway. This blog has moved to — yes, back to self-hosting because the limitations of a blog is just too hard to work with if you’ve gotten used to the functionality and versatility of plug-ins. I have tried my best to stay here because yes, nothing beats free. But it does have its limitations and drawbacks. So, if you still want updates from me and my blog, please head over to and I’d be more than happy to welcome you there! :)

Love and blessings,


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Starbucks Philippines 2013 Planner and Pen Unboxing Video

Well, what can I say? Turns out I got the Starbucks Philippines 2013 planner (and pen!) after all! I’d say it’s more because of my little boy Emilio who advised me to “finish what I start”. I already had 8 stickers when I felt like I’m not as driven as last year.

Starbucks 2013 Planner and Pen

Since, it was @iomarmol‘s idea to get the planner anyway, I thought he should do the “unboxing” video below.  Please ignore the side comments. He talks A LOT.    Even then. Also, he adores “Michael Riquez” aka GMA-7’s “Mike Enriquez”.  :)