I’m Such A Believer

I’m Such A Believer

by: rj


Everytime you say yes, my eyes shimmer like diamonds

Tell me, why do I tend to believe everything that I’m told?

I never question a paragraph, a sentence, or a word

Whatever you say, dear, I always cherish and hold.


You say the sky is dark because somebody painted it black

You say the rain pours down because of a stupid, crying clown.

You say the sun comes up because it has nothing to do down there

You say the night arrives with all its monsters to give us all a scare.


You can tell me the world is flat, even if I know it ain’t true

You can tell me silly, boring jokes, and I still listen to you.

You can tell me lies, over and over like a broken recorder

You can ask me to jump and for you I’ll jump higher.


Oh no, honey I’m not dumb, I’m sure you know that very well.

But for the love of you, I choose to believe anything you will tell.

It’s so hard to pretend that it’s alright, that I don’t comprehend

But since I’ve fallen for you, I couldn’t care less if I seemed to have an empty head. 


I’m such a believer, oh boy, could this be caused by cabin fever?

I dare not ask why you do this and that, afraid that I might make you mad

I dare not leave or pack lest I be castigated, severed or shot

Oh no, there’s no leaving or stopping, nothing close to being apart


I am such a believer for your love and your heart.

No way will I tire believing from the end to the start

I am such a believer that eventually you’ll change.

And that tomorrow my darling, my shattered heart, you’ll mend.


One response to “I’m Such A Believer”

  1. Simply beautiful. another exciting poem (poem?!).


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