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Do You Like It That I Like You?

When I grasp for words and I stutter in awe

And describe in detail everything that I saw

Does it move you an inch, make you itch — maybe flinch

At the thought that I like you far more than you think?

When I say your name sweeter than someone else’s

Drag my chair, pull it closer to surround all your edges

Does it push you away and elicit awkward glances

That I’m always around you, in your trainers, like laces?

Does the sky fall in the morning when you open your eyes

Feeling heavy all of a sudden at the prospect of a surprise

At the idea of a day lost in loving words all unspoken

Because I finish your sentences and mend fences that you’ve broken?

Some things can become too much in the absence of touch

Some lives are oddly intertwined by parallel paths

Haunting eyes across oceans and thousands of miles

Do you like it that I like you a dozen million times?


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Look At This Life (An Original Poem by RJ Marmol)

Look At This Life (An Original Poem by RJ Marmol)

old photos in the wooden box

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The hours have come and gone 
And I can't remember how many times
I've cursed and checked this phone

It keeps buzzing and ringing
Blasting and humming

As I scramble and ramble
As I twist and I stumble

There's something I wait for
That I fully know is done for

I cast it aside
I took it in stride

I know something is off
That I strive to remember

There is something real good
But I cast it asunder

Is it under my bed
Was it all in my head

Did it just pass me by?
Did I bleed, did I cry?

I'm grasping for words
I've been pulling the cords

I'm dusting the cobwebs
I'm all out of sorts

Something was here
Close to me, I could swore

But it slipped through my hands
And away from my shore

I see specks of it floating
I could feel my fear mounting

My steps have become unsteady
My sight has begun to blur

What used to be here
I'm sure I've seen it before

Is no longer in my memory
But beyond that cold door

Of a past so clouded
And confused and shrouded

In mystery and debauchery
In glory and in theory

Piles of pictures
Cover this fresh scent of sutures

I lie and lie
I die and die

I send these cruel thoughts 
To the one that's on high

This floor may be cold
Like a story untold

I guess this is what it feels like
When you start to get old.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash
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You Will Remember Me (Nostalgia) – An original poem by RJ Marmol

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

You Will Remember Me (Nostalgia) - An original poem by RJ Marmol

When your days are lonely
And your nights are slow
When you realize that on a Saturday
You have nowhere to go

You will remember me.

When you drive your car
And that sob song comes on
You will find yourself sighing
And humming along

When you pass by that cafe
That you always go to
It will stir a memory
Of a favorite haiku

When everyone you talk to
Is a "yes, man" you know
You will miss all the nights
That I argued with you.

When you go to a newsstand
And read a headline or two
You will think of the mornings
When I read them to you.

When you pass by someone with the same hair or perfume
You'd be wishing I was there waiting for you at home.

You will remember the times 
That I hit you too hard
Because you were too annoying
And or maddeningly glad.

You will remember the hours
You waited and cursed
Because it took me a day
To get dressed and find a matching purse.

You will remember that it takes me forever 
To finish up in the shower
That I dare not leave the house 
Without my lip balm and hair blower.

You will remember my silly dreams and my lofty ideals
You will remember my stupidity and the times that I bleed.

All those times I cried over a sappy old movie
Because the hero lost his true love and how I felt sorry

For a love found and lost at such a short time
For a love so forbidden that they call it a crime.

You will remember me in pizzas, ice creams and noodles
Through people and events and the mere sight of poodles.

Through walks and talks
Through smiles and tears
Through glory and defeat
Through pain and bliss.

You will remember me. Oh, you know you would.
Through the steps that you make and the times that you stood.

But right now I see you're happy right where you are
The crowds are distracting
And the music's always playing

You may not remember me now
But oh someday soon you will
And know that when that day comes
I'll remember you still

So wherever you are
And whoever you're with
When it gets a little quiet
Do me a favor, Steve.

Write me a letter
Put in a sentence or two
Send me something to read
And remind me of you.




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OT: Of Course I Do [ProsePoetry]

Of Course I Do
(an original prose poem by RJ Marmol)

Of course I do.
After all, there’s hardly a reason for me not to:

Not a worthy excuse
Nor a willing whine.

No remorse, no recourse
No drawing the line.

Not a space separates
Not a thought escapes

Not a chance passed
Not a feeling repressed

Not a dance turned down
Not a song unsung

Not a mumble muffled
Not a feather ruffled

Because what is not to like
About the sun’s scorching heat?

Or that sinful, sugary treat
When you sink in your teeth?

Nary a bit, dare I say
Not one, my sweet May
See this bloom from yesterday
Still alive for today

As this river is my witness
In its silence runneth deep
Every flow, every rhyme
Every gurgle, every quip.

Who’s to say ’tis easy
To embrace the otherworldly?
That I’m right and you’re wrong?
Or I’m weak and you’re strong?

Who died and went back
To tell the twisted, awful tale
Or swore in high heavens
Of the existence of hell?

It is light. It is pain.
It is darkness. It is gain.
It is truth forever elusive
To the haughty and the vain.

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Life's A Joke

*** Let’s take a short break from politics and technology, shall we?

Life’s A Joke

by: RJ Marmol

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If it’s anything amusing, I would laugh as anyone would

Roll on the floor, heck, laugh my guts out if I could!

Be it fine, about wine

Be it yours, be it mine

We laugh at the fellow who can’t read the sign

A riddle, a rhyme, a look or a style

A stutter, an accent, a behavior — let it not beguile

There’s more to raw humor if you walked it a mile

A prose poem like this or an essay like that

We laugh at the ugly, we ridicule the fat

The poor man rain-drenched on a mat,

The pretentious idiot in his shiny, new flat

Such a sport, such a vice

A hypocrite afloat his fancy boat lies

Warm and happy under rented blue skies

Oblivious of the storm brewing in his eyes

Delusions of grandeur

Comparisons of the spectacular

The last days are near

To decimate the insincere

Because a joke is a joke, even if it’s on me

And a lie is a lie, though untold you see

How funny, how amusing, such a luxury maybe

To laugh at yourself — an ingrate on his knee.