Sweet Resignation (Just another original impromptu poetry by RJ Marmol)

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Here’s another impromptu poetry for you. Wrote this just as I woke up, about a few minutes ago. ❤️
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Sweet Resignation
(Just another original impromptu poetry by RJ Marmol) .
Here is a crime undone, one of omission
Finally coming close to a definite conclusion
From under a tide of deafening adulation
Rising out of this putrid waters of isolation
Scribbled lines beneath the tiles
Uncovered secrets of golden lies
Pursued the path to life’s desires
Indulged, debauched and fed all wiles
Instant regret, belated mourning
Come take this life once so assuring
Sworn oaths that were once becoming
Were snatched away, never returning
Scratched, faded paint from a time long gone
A peeled off past, a memory, a song unsung
Letters and words that go on and on and on
Undisturbed at last as the buried and wronged
Marvel at this stain behind the door
Scribbles and dents all across the floor
Seen many times over but not before
Tomorrow comes and behold, it goes
Warped and morose but a better prose
To the brave, errant soul who picks the rose
In a gated and locked field marked with no’s
It’s not for one to close the gate
It’s not one’s kind to harbor hate
But the only love that one can spend
Is for the world and for a friend
I’ve spent all my days
And borrowed tomorrows
Played earnest music
And waited in the gallows
Because who you are and who I am
Now mean nothing but a heavy sigh
Where one can walk, someone crawled
Where one can move, someone stalled
A speck of dust from what’s divine
A lick of spark that’s out of rhyme
A smudge of ink so rare, extinct
On timeline’s past, a sheep so meek
Therefore prepare, thine hearts be warned
Fortune favors the bold, the hurt, the damned
For none that existed, conceived or imagined
Arose from the weak, the easily disheartened



Requiem for the In Love (Just another original Valentine’s poem by RJ Marmol)

Good morning! Here’s your #ValentinesDay #poem ❤️ Hot and fresh from my phone #notes


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Requiem for the In Love

Just another original poem by RJ Marmol

For the one whose thoughts always meander

Who dream of princesses trapped in a castle

Who slay dragons on the daily

For the love of their life, their one and only

Who take long walks that lead to nowhere

Hand in hand with someone who know better

Who’d rather soak in the rain with a special companion

And live in a locked dungeon with a hungry lion

Those who consume barely half of what they deserve

All in favor of the fortunate they serve the hors d’oeuvres

What a pity, what a tool

Those who forget that love is cruel

A picture, a delusion

Just another’s fool

Confess now, pray tell, don’t tarry!

Ready the casket and empty the gallery

Rehearse the somber lines and

Remind everyone not to marry

For as sure as the sun shines on the enlightened and the damned

One day someone will rest content on this beloved, hallowed ground.

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Wow! 10 Years of WordPress Love: An Introspection On Life And Blogging

Hey guys! I know, I know. I haven’t been here in what seems like ages and I have no excuse you guys. I just have none. But hey, WordPress just gave me this loving nudge that I’ve been on this platform for 10 years and what do I have to show for it?


RJ Marmol

Well, love. I got love. And it’s not some lame bs I’m spouting just to be polite or anything but it’s all I can say truly. I mean all these years since my first blog post here on WordPress (coming from Google’s Blogger), I’ve done many things, tried lots of projects, won some, lost some, love and lost — all that shitty and beautiful stuff a human being goes through. I did that and more.

This blog went from personal, to entertainment (movie, song reviews), political, web tech and gadgetry. You name it, I’ve blogged it. I’ve made free stuff, I’ve written paid stuff. Blah blah. The whole nine yards, my fellas.

I went hard and strong with e-commerce (my other first love, don’t be jealous, WordPress), released albums upon albums of cover songs, I’ve written (unpublished) books, I’ve even started reading tarot cards — yes, yes good ‘ol fortune telling sans the cookie.

Name it. I’ve prolly explored it to some extent.

And through it all, WordPress blogging has been a silent and patient witness to my ever-changing and mind-numbing flip-flopping from this and that, here and there. Never judging. Just patiently watching and listening and waiting for me to one day “come home” — to come back home.

But where is home? What really is home? Don’t mean to sound overly emo or anything like that but when I get reminded of all the years that passed that I haven’t written anything in acceptable longform content, it does send me to someplace nostalgic.

After all, when you strip me of everything I’ve said and done, I am at the very core of me, a writer. I write everyday not with pen, paper or keyboard — I write my life in ways so much more intangible yet profound, as  only I can create it.

I may no longer type it and publish it in a “blog” but I still do it in the so-called Web 2.0 of social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — even the Smule Sing app.

What used to be integrated and well-written in a blog post is now published in some form of erratic, condensed, snapshot form as we’ve gotten used to by now.

And it’s a shame, ain’t it? That now, our poor stalkers need to visit so many sites and apps just to find out what we had for lunch or if we’re listening to the latest Lil’ Pump song or not. Used to be so easy for them stalkers back then. Go to a person’s blog and you’ll see everything there — pictures, videos, thoughts and random ramblings, music etc.

Why am I even talking about this? Oh I don’t know. I think, maybe just like the rest of the world, all this fragmented info and the mad rush to keep up with it has caused our poor blogging brains to shrink — so much so that we can’t even hold a cohesive thought for more than 5 seconds.

Is there hope, you ask? Or more appropriately, does anyone even bother to think about all this? I don’t know. I don’t know my friend.

But I do know that the mere fact that I had to be reminded of my WordPress 10th Year Anniversary just to come up with a such a lame post such as this is indicative of the long road ahead of us if we ever want to go back to introspective blogging — or even thinking for that matter. And well, ain’t it a shame? I think it is.


Oh my! I love my personalized Spotify Time Capsule Playlist! It does take me back in time. 😍😌💋🎧

HeyRJ’s Time Capsule Playlist by Spotify


Oh yay! Skype relented and brought back support to iPhone 5 and older devices running iOS 9 and later 

Well well well! What a triumph for backward compatibility! Days ago I just blogged and whined about how disappointed I am that Skype 8.1 dropped support for the iPhone 5.

It looks like Skype has learned the error in its ways and have brought us iPhone 5 users back into its loving arms.

I’m guessing I wasn’t a lonely voice in the desert asking them to repent because just a few days after the shocking release of 8.1 they released 8.1.2 announcing that the “issue” of backward compatibility has been “fixed”.

No, its not an oversight on their part at all. They really meant to initially kick us iPhone 5 users out of the Snapchat-like update. Otherwise this compatible device list wouldn’t have been updated.

That screenshot of the 8.1 update states explicitly that device compatibility starts from iPhone 5s and up. I have suspected that this is their way of heeding Apple’s “gentle” encouragement that developers update their apps to be exclusively 64-bit compatible.

Now, I have nothing against progress, mind you. But looking at the updates and features they included in 8.1, I don’t feel like 64-bit is absolutely required. Sure there will be features that the iPhone 5’s hardware cannot support but in terms of the basic functionality plus a few bells and whistles, it should still work decently. So why hold out on us poor iPhone 5 users, right?

The newest update, 8.1.2 now indicate backward compatibility with all iOS devices running iOS 9 and up. See below.

What’s more, this Snapchat-like update as I’d like to call it, boasts a lot of new features for fans of customization, stickers and all other fancy stuff we’re more familiar with from other messaging/social media apps.

Are you bored with Skype’s blue theme? Well here you go. You can now change it as you please.

And it even showers you with praises at every step of the tutorial when you customize your Skype — because duh? We should get awards for trying! 😐

Now I couldn’t care less for these features, honestly. These shiny new things are lovely but I’m all about functionality and performance. So as long as Skype works the way it promises to work, then I’m happy.

And with 8.1.2 update bringing iPhone 5 back in, I couldn’t be happier.

How about you? Do you feel the same about Skype update 8.1.2? Did you even notice it? Or more to the point, do you even still care about Skype? Or have you moved on to other call/messaging apps long ago? Tell us in the comments! 😍