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R.I.P King Arthur, Pet Extraordinaire and Best Friend (June 14, 2016 – June 24, 2017)

King Arthur (An ode to a loving bird)

original poem tribute by: RJ Marmol

I didn’t ask for you
But you came anyway

I didn’t ask of you
But you gave anyway

You made my mornings brighter
My evenings lighter

You melted my heart and soul
With your loveliest feather

I knew you loved me
But God knows I loved you more

But that didn’t matter
Because we never kept score

If you were ever in pain
I will have never known

For all your hurts and troubles
You never did show ’em

I had dreams for you
There were grand and blue

I had plans for you
They were long and true

But just when I’m certain
Alas! I’m mistaken

Off you were taken

so soon and so sudden

Because this world never deserved you
You belong there in heaven…

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These Words are My Shelter [Prose Poetry]

These Words are My Shelter
Yet another prose poem by RJ Marmol

(Photo credits:

These words are my shelter
From the loud, deafening roar
Of lions and elephants,
And the wrath of Mighthy Thor

Adrift on a chair in a sea of disillusion
I am wrapped in terror, shame and confusion

Might the sky fall?
Might the wall collapse?
Might a thunderous voice break my disguise?

Hear me out, hear me shout!
Feel this scathing, loathing doubt
Without these words I am empty
Like this brittle oak bark!

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A Subtle Smile (a poem for Ding) — RIP @dingg458

I wrote this for a dear friend, Ding Gagelonia whom I never had the chance to talk to in person but has always been a friend to me. Interest in politics and technology are what we share in common. Among other things, I do know he loved verses/prose poetry and so I thought it’ll please him to find one especially made for him. Ding, wherever you are, I hope you like this. RIP Kuya.

A Subtle Smile (a poem for Ding)
by: RJ Marmol

A hi, hello. A subtle smile.
Such are things that make your while.
A nudge, a laugh — though never heard
Move mountains usually unperturbed.

What words can say, thy spirit could.
It carries your wishes and sunny mood.

If there is gloom, no one can tell
For your voice sound strong, like a tolling bell.

Should I be sad, or reluctantly glad
That you will never again hurt so bad?
Should I cry and mourn or say out loud, Alas! You are now together with your one true God?

A gentle look, a lovely book
Neither one nor both can compensate for smiles you took.

No wasted years, no bitter tears
For someone whose life was full of cheers.

So I may pray each day for blissful May
‘Oh Lord skip March or a day away’
But I trust that God does great things His way
And need I mention, always with no delay?
So night came swift, it whisked away..
My dear friend Ding with Him to stay.


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OT: Of Course I Do [ProsePoetry]

Of Course I Do
(an original prose poem by RJ Marmol)

Of course I do.
After all, there’s hardly a reason for me not to:

Not a worthy excuse
Nor a willing whine.

No remorse, no recourse
No drawing the line.

Not a space separates
Not a thought escapes

Not a chance passed
Not a feeling repressed

Not a dance turned down
Not a song unsung

Not a mumble muffled
Not a feather ruffled

Because what is not to like
About the sun’s scorching heat?

Or that sinful, sugary treat
When you sink in your teeth?

Nary a bit, dare I say
Not one, my sweet May
See this bloom from yesterday
Still alive for today

As this river is my witness
In its silence runneth deep
Every flow, every rhyme
Every gurgle, every quip.

Who’s to say ’tis easy
To embrace the otherworldly?
That I’m right and you’re wrong?
Or I’m weak and you’re strong?

Who died and went back
To tell the twisted, awful tale
Or swore in high heavens
Of the existence of hell?

It is light. It is pain.
It is darkness. It is gain.
It is truth forever elusive
To the haughty and the vain.

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Life’s A Joke

*** Let’s take a short break from politics and technology, shall we?

Life’s A Joke

by: RJ Marmol

Photo by wstera2

If it’s anything amusing, I would laugh as anyone would

Roll on the floor, heck, laugh my guts out if I could!

Be it fine, about wine

Be it yours, be it mine

We laugh at the fellow who can’t read the sign

A riddle, a rhyme, a look or a style

A stutter, an accent, a behavior — let it not beguile

There’s more to raw humor if you walked it a mile

A prose poem like this or an essay like that

We laugh at the ugly, we ridicule the fat

The poor man rain-drenched on a mat,

The pretentious idiot in his shiny, new flat

Such a sport, such a vice

A hypocrite afloat his fancy boat lies

Warm and happy under rented blue skies

Oblivious of the storm brewing in his eyes

Delusions of grandeur

Comparisons of the spectacular

The last days are near

To decimate the insincere

Because a joke is a joke, even if it’s on me

And a lie is a lie, though untold you see

How funny, how amusing, such a luxury maybe

To laugh at yourself — an ingrate on his knee.