I think we’ve got ourselves a winner

RIP my trusty blender. I will always love you.

Life can be so annoyingly hectic sometimes. It doesn’t help that your brain makes you feel like everything’s your fault. But! And hear me out here — it usually is our fault isn’t it? And I know that that’s the last thing you wanna hear today — what with all the drama you probably went through in the last 24 hours. It sucks, I know. But we have to hear it. Many times. Until it rings so loud inside our heads that we actually do something. Anything. Because anything is better than nothing.

What’s that, you say? You’re tired of all this? I hear you. I feel you. Cliché alert: It does get better. And better. And better. As the days pass you by. As you accumulate tomorrows. The past slowly but surely becomes a faint memory. An ambiguous representation of what was.

And then one day you wake up and a hundred tomorrows have passed. Then a thousand. Then thousands. And just like that, the ringing has completely stopped. Actually it stopped way earlier than you realized. And all that blame and shame and rain that came — all that is reduced to absolute, divine nothingness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got ourselves a winner. Because when all is said and done. And the dust and smog have settled, you realize that this game is neither made up or cruel or rigged. You were never in competition with anyone but your cluttered, anxious, suspicious brain.

But if there’s no one to actually compete with, can you really still call it a win?


Let me know what you think… :)

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