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Candywirez Lightning Sync and Charge Cable [REVIEW] @candywirez

Sync and charge cables are probably the most used and abused phone accessory. Even headsets don’t come close to it when run through the “abused-and-taken-for-granted” meter!

And if you’re like me, you probably use it more than once or twice a day. I charge a minimum of 4 times a day because I’m currently addicted to Smule’s Sing! app and it only takes minutes before I drain my phone battery. So you can just imagine how overworked my charging cable is! A few days before, I’ve been getting this “incompatible accessory” warning when I plug it into an outlet which pretty much means, something inside is starting to get screwed up because I’m using Apple’s stock iPhone 5 cable charger.

And how convenient that a Candywirez Lightning Sync and Charge cable just came through the mail a few days ago! Although my cable is far from broken, just iffy I guess, it’s an opportune time to let it rest for a few days (or weeks) and use this new lightning sync and charge cable from Candywirez. As of this post, I have used it once for charging (last night) and so far, I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever.


The candywirez Lightning Sync and Charge cable is 5ft (1.5m) long so it’s about 18 inches longer than the stock iPhone charging cable. This is a huge improvement for me because I can’t tell you how many times the stock cable’s “shortness” has upset me before. I can’t even charge my iPhone on my desk because my power outlet is way down near the floor so it usually lies on the floor when I charge. But with this new charging cable from candywirez, I have a lot of leeway to move or use my phone while charging.

Also worth nothing is the rubbery feel of the cable itself. It feels sturdy enough yet comfortable to hold. The wire is also a little fatter than Apple’s stock cable so it lends a bit of toughness to it. I also love that it has this metallic protective coating on both ends which feels more secure and more durable.

And if you love bright, loud colors then you’d be glad to know that it comes in spunky, pastel colors to fit your unique taste! I got the Lime colored cable and it looks awesome when plugged to my black iPhone 5 and if you have a white iPhone all the better because practically any color would go well with it!

One more thing I like about Candywirez Lightning Sync and Charge cable is that unlike my stock cable, this one doesn’t heat up even during long charging sessions (charging and using phone at the same time).

So far, it’s been a wonderful experience. I will be using this as my main charging/sync cable while my old cable will stay in the car’s glove compartment as backup. So if you’re looking for a reliable, durable and pretty sync/charging cable, I happily suggest getting Candywirez! It’s well worth every penny!