Indie-Rock Band @friendslashluvr Shoots Music Video with iPhone and Apps

Friend Slash Lover - The Grey Area

Ah, iPhone apps — magical and functional. A marriage of fun and function indeed. Throw in some music and you got yourself a trance-like experience worthy of the replay button.
First of all, what’s an indie-rock band doing on this iPhone app review blog? Well, they made an entire music video using iPhone apps that’s why! Would you like to know what specific apps they used for their video? I’ll let you in on these apps but hey, where are my manners? :)
Friends, let me  introduce you to indie rock band, Friend Slash Lover. They just happen to be the artsy group who made a music video using solely the iPhone and some apps.
Indie-rock band Friend Slash Lover
Indie-rock band Friend Slash Lover
Singer Josh Mintz used Action Movie FX, SloPro, iSupr8, and iMovie (iTunes links) to create the music video for their single “As Seen on TV.” (embedded below)
Friend Slash Lover released their debut EP As American As Ones And Zeros in 2010 and last year, the The Grey Area which features a cover of the 1987 hit “Dear God” by major alternative rock band XTC.
Friend Slash Lover - The Grey Area
Friend Slash Lover – The Grey Area Album
I now have their album on my iPod and it makes for both active and passive listening. My personal favorite on the album is “Unaware”. Its music video has also been shot using an iPhone. See video below. I am a fan of eclectic psychedelic rock and folk, so there.
Try the band (official site –> Try the apps (iTunes links above).
More Info about Friend Slash Lover:
-Have played at venues in LA such as The Roxy Theatre, The Viper Room, Bootleg Theatre and Skinny’s Lounge.
-Covered the 1980s song “Dear God” by XTC
-Listed as a Hot 100 Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine

Let me know what you think... :)

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