In an Emotional World, Singapore Is Comfortably Numb (and the Philippines is uncomfortably emotional) – Businessweek

In an emotional world, Singapore Is comfortably numb and the Philippines is uncomfortably emotional. So could this be the reason why we’ve (almost) always been economically-challenged? And if so, are you willing to trade all the happiness (and sadness, and every other emotion) you can/will feel just so we can be the economic powerhouse every country wishes to be? Apparently not. Read the comments on this news article.

“Emotion resembles a wheel spinning free. When the cogs work, action begins, emotion ceases.” – David Lindsay quotes (Scottish Novelist, 1876-1945)

Future citizen
The Future Citizen.

It’s not surprising then that Singapore also has an alarmingly low birth rate, even prompting government to mull over increased benefits for couples having more children. Not to mention the efforts of private companies, like Mentos to pitch-in.

Trade-offs. Maybe we should start taking emotion-suppression pills instead of allocating the budget for RH? . But is that how we should live? Is that all that we are? Is that what we were born for? To serve as cogs in this economic machine?

Reminds me so much of the movies “Equilibrium” (how the government requires citizens to take some sort of emotion-suppressant) and “Gattaca” (about eugenics). Why eugenics? Read this article: ‘Want more babies? Change mindset towards less educated’.

In an Emotional World, Singapore Is Comfortably Numb – Businessweek.

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