A Subtle Smile (a poem for Ding) — RIP @dingg458

I wrote this for a dear friend, Ding Gagelonia whom I never had the chance to talk to in person but has always been a friend to me. Interest in politics and technology are what we share in common. Among other things, I do know he loved verses/prose poetry and so I thought it’ll please him to find one especially made for him. Ding, wherever you are, I hope you like this. RIP Kuya.

A Subtle Smile (a poem for Ding)
by: RJ Marmol

A hi, hello. A subtle smile.
Such are things that make your while.
A nudge, a laugh — though never heard
Move mountains usually unperturbed.

What words can say, thy spirit could.
It carries your wishes and sunny mood.

If there is gloom, no one can tell
For your voice sound strong, like a tolling bell.

Should I be sad, or reluctantly glad
That you will never again hurt so bad?
Should I cry and mourn or say out loud, Alas! You are now together with your one true God?

A gentle look, a lovely book
Neither one nor both can compensate for smiles you took.

No wasted years, no bitter tears
For someone whose life was full of cheers.

So I may pray each day for blissful May
‘Oh Lord skip March or a day away’
But I trust that God does great things His way
And need I mention, always with no delay?
So night came swift, it whisked away..
My dear friend Ding with Him to stay.


11 thoughts on “A Subtle Smile (a poem for Ding) — RIP @dingg458

  1. chen-ming-hui says:

    it’s a good poem .i am impressived. it remind me that i have to think again my future life ..how to go on my lift .
    thanks ,friend . really good .


  2. Flowers to London says:

    Yes, I agree to you Rieko , She is a nice writer. She can used that talent to own a business, even a small business but profitable. I really really like your poem RJ MARMOL. Why you should have a try about my suggestion? Maybe it works.


  3. Derek says:

    Hi, I enjoy reading your poems. I wish I could do as well, although I am a writer my “specialty” is much less creative than this. I stil am glad I found your blog, will be back to read more…thanks!


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