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Life’s A Joke

*** Let’s take a short break from politics and technology, shall we?

Life’s A Joke

by: RJ Marmol

Photo by wstera2

If it’s anything amusing, I would laugh as anyone would

Roll on the floor, heck, laugh my guts out if I could!

Be it fine, about wine

Be it yours, be it mine

We laugh at the fellow who can’t read the sign

A riddle, a rhyme, a look or a style

A stutter, an accent, a behavior — let it not beguile

There’s more to raw humor if you walked it a mile

A prose poem like this or an essay like that

We laugh at the ugly, we ridicule the fat

The poor man rain-drenched on a mat,

The pretentious idiot in his shiny, new flat

Such a sport, such a vice

A hypocrite afloat his fancy boat lies

Warm and happy under rented blue skies

Oblivious of the storm brewing in his eyes

Delusions of grandeur

Comparisons of the spectacular

The last days are near

To decimate the insincere

Because a joke is a joke, even if it’s on me

And a lie is a lie, though untold you see

How funny, how amusing, such a luxury maybe

To laugh at yourself — an ingrate on his knee.


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