Thoughts that keep me awake at night

Photo by BrittneyBush

No Escape

by: RJ

There are thoughts that keep me awake at night

And keep me absent-minded in the day —

Gliding on a golden field, endless heaps of hay

Thoughts about what is and what was,

But never of what could be.

They haunt me of a past long gone and never will be,

They nag me of a present so persistent, a routine that I always see.

They remind me of a palpable sign,

Of shackles that bind me here,

In a place where wishes are bane and hopes are nil.

I climb so high, I fly, I sigh

I stumble yet again in this effervescent sky

I lift my arms and reach as high as I can

But I hear weeping and wailing from where I began

This dream I write, forget this I might

These thoughts I hold, it numbs my soul,

It’s so cold, I feel old

In May whisperings, “strengthen thy heart”, I was told

So I flutter, I mutter..

But when I utter, I stutter

Hard as I grasp every word, every syllable and letter

I am left without tomorrow, the future no brighter

Be banished you drifter! Rot away you squanderer!

Know that time is no kinder to neither miser nor spender

So I slouch, pretend to nap

Barely a moment’s passed

I snicker, I snap!

Not a pen was moved, not a firefly in sight

As I hold on tearfully and oh so fearfully tight

To these thoughts that keep me awake…

And kept me awake tonight.

2 responses to “Thoughts that keep me awake at night”

  1. What can I say – a very nice poem.

    I am troubled by insomnia and I often wonder if my thoughts cause me to stay awake, or does the insomnia give my so much time that I cannot help to have such thoughts. Like and endless spiral. Makes sense?



    1. anything makes sense to an insomniac. or at least, it has to. otherwise, sleep deprivation would have no meaning, no purpose and therefore wouldn’t make for even a half-mediocre life. :) welcome to my blog omar and thanks for the comment!


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