The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting

by: rj


I sit and wait, sit and wait for nothing

In my heart I dream, well there has to be something

I sit and wait, sit and wait for the coming

Of a someone who keeps on hiding and running.

He is here somewhere, I feel it and I know

Possibly nearer but he just wouldn’t show

When I’m afar he asks me to come closer, you know

And when I finally say yes, he starts running with nowhere to go

Why do I put up with all this game?

When all I got from it is nothing but shame?

Things I used to treasure like power, glory and fame

I see them all now, going down in this dying flame.

Why do I always believe? Am I that naive?

I know I’m powerful and strong-willed, but to him I concede

There is nothing I withhold, anything I will give

Just for a cup of coffee, to all his demands I will yield.

Shall I wait some more? The clock says it’s four

Shall I pack like a whore

And make plans to even the score?

I can all but wonder why I wait and bother

For an ounce of shower of warm affections from a lover

Because of what I have in my heart, the world entire I forgot

See my soul being shattered, beaten and crushed in the softest spot

Unrequited love seem to burn to ashes after being mercilessly torn apart

The dream is no more, it is lost, and I feel someday it will inevitably rot

I sit and wait, I sit and write

Of a love that will never come

One that might not have existed,

One that has never been, that has never begun

I wish the utter frustration just vanishes and perishes

Burn all the wishes, the dreams and the promises

But I know it’s useless, in your eyes I’m defenseless

There’s no stopping, no going back from these perilous stretches

There isn’t a mountain worth climbing, rolling from or trekking

Or an ocean worth swimming, drowning in, and sinking

There isn’t a verse too lofty for writing

Even when all inspiration is lost, and I’m down to nothing

I sit and wait like a house without a gate

Please come in, don’t knock, just enter in haste

Go straight to my heart,  patiently waiting traceless of hate

Revive this ailing love that’s keeps dying each time that you’re late.


Let me know what you think… :)

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